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Furry Icon headshot by ArtsyArticles Furry Icon headshot :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 2 0 Vixie my fursona by ArtsyArticles Vixie my fursona :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 2 0 Digital art progress (bull fight) by ArtsyArticles
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Digital art progress (bull fight) :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 0 0
new furry bust style by ArtsyArticles new furry bust style :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 1 0 Vixie chibi style by ArtsyArticles Vixie chibi style :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 3 0 Furry badge design (Colored Flat Vixie my oc) by ArtsyArticles Furry badge design (Colored Flat Vixie my oc) :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 0 0 Art request furry art by ArtsyArticles Art request furry art :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 2 0 Chara / vent...READ ME by ArtsyArticles Chara / vent...READ ME :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 1 0 im alive!! by ArtsyArticles im alive!! :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 10 0 Psychic Stitch Wolf by ArtsyArticles Psychic Stitch Wolf :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 2 0 Quick Draws by ArtsyArticles Quick Draws :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 0 0 50 Followers on instagram by ArtsyArticles 50 Followers on instagram :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 1 0 Kiwikoiorioriginals Commission by ArtsyArticles Kiwikoiorioriginals Commission :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 0 0 animation sketch reference sheet by ArtsyArticles animation sketch reference sheet :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 2 0 stretching by ArtsyArticles stretching :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 6 0 clay tiger ring holder by ArtsyArticles clay tiger ring holder :iconartsyarticles:ArtsyArticles 1 0


just a bug by AmeraXi just a bug :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 168 5 Cat Nip by AmeraXi Cat Nip :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 399 62 Foton by AmeraXi Foton :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 249 24 But I Lov u by AmeraXi But I Lov u :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 350 45 Carry Your Throne U Stank by AmeraXi Carry Your Throne U Stank :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 277 19 Thinking Out Loud by AmeraXi Thinking Out Loud :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 179 12 rawr XD by AmeraXi rawr XD :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 217 7 The Rush  by AmeraXi The Rush :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 373 22 Whos This Devilish Young Man by AmeraXi Whos This Devilish Young Man :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 344 35 Lem-reference by AmeraXi Lem-reference :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 314 29 5 Emotions  by AmeraXi 5 Emotions :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 622 37 [Owl] Amera-reference by AmeraXi [Owl] Amera-reference :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 561 51 The Most Wonderful Time by AmeraXi The Most Wonderful Time :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 343 20 Xias-reference- by AmeraXi Xias-reference- :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 615 104 smashed my toe into the wall by AmeraXi smashed my toe into the wall :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 357 26 i gots egg by AmeraXi i gots egg :iconameraxi:AmeraXi 239 110


Not as active as I used to be but I’m going to start be twice is active because I want to upload more of the artworks that I’ve been spending a lot of time on it’s probably been about a year and so I uploaded the last picture but the recent ones that I have you’ll notice a certain quality job that’s because I got an iPad Pro and I’ve been practicing for months at a time so if you’re wondering what your sons bike with my artwork and white looks a little bit more professional and why it’s more done digitally than physical is because I take the jump and decided I wanted to do more digital art and after getting an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil I started to realize that I may or may not have a more professional style if I keep practicing and I like or my style has gotten me and I want to keep practicing to one day get commissions till then stay crafty.
Furry Icon headshot
 This is just something that I had come up with for fun but it was also good practices it seems to be very professional look for it it came out a lot nicer than I thought it would because of the way the iPad Pro and the tools that I was using with the Apple Pencil I was able to create a gradients for the background create soda foot looks like a striking pop effect for the line art 
Vixie my fursona
Not much to be said about Vixie but she is my fursona and I have had her for quite a while I just haven’t drawn her that much  So I wanted to draw her as a screen saver or just a pose reference sheet that I could use those different from reference sheets that I’ve seen four I will be posting a lot more of my drawing since I now have an iPad Pro. I hope you guys enjoy my artwork and I’ll be posting a lot more now that I feel like my heart is getting two more professional state then what are used to be. 
new furry bust style
Just another rendition of my fursona Vixie.
Just out of curiosity would any one want a free oc icon drawn for thrn well comment BELOW and ill randomly pick 2 winners to have their oc drawn in my bust style.
Humans,animals,anthros and more i can do!
Enter below by commenting "raffle me" so i can find you and then by the 21st ill draw the first 2 lucky commenters!

Anthropomorphic and human lands joined together after war that nearly killed both sides off

With many struggles in the early years of Louvel many lands were overrun by wild creatures. Humans searched for more resources, but came across a town with anthropomorphic animals cultivating land with magic they attacked and stole the crops for themselves however after news of this more anthropomorphic towns nearby had sent the highest powered magic fighters to fight and destroy the humans technology.

After about two years of stealing and destruction of the land they humans had no choice but to kill for more land and the anthropomorphics had the same idea to destroy humans for the sake of the land and the remaining resources the humans had left. After a long ten years of war and destruction a human and anthro mid fight had a plan and were set to kill their own leaders if they would not listen to reason rebellions started and those who had secretly shared both sides came together to join in unison. To little avel after they had faced their leaders the laws had changed to keep them apart and kill traitors and so the war stretched on with rebellions and those who wanted to live together in unison forming their own towns far from the war. For many more years the war had slowed to a grind when resources were at a minimum and one of the humans had killed his own brother in battle to save an anthro who had given up his food to save him this caused war with in the loyal troops anthros were forced to ration their food and kill anyone who gave to the enemy and thus the humans had made a decision with the leaders down to the last resources and men and women being killed they set up a meeting with the leaders of the anthro kingdom and made a deal to end the war and spread out and share the land and provide technology to help rebuild in exchange for the magic and crops the anthros had made so well they agreed and thus the laws changed after many fights between humans and anthros that hated the new laws the majority of the land was a peace and finally the dust began to settle and new life began with the 12 nations.

The land was not perfect but with the new laws to help keep everyone in line their began new species as anthros breed with humans mages and halflings were born. Mages were humans what gained magic from the blood lines of anthros and halflings were humans with half animal parts and anthros that had human features this new land had been shared with struggles still ongoing the land faces new troubles and hate still lives on as anthros and humans still have nations that live separated and laws that keep them apart. The lives of all human and anthros alike are threatened by hatred and still lives on will the fighting ever truly end in louvel this is where the story continues with you.


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Welcome crafters and artists youll see my gallery has changed quite a bit I've removed several of my older posts to bring you all better quality content and share art tips and tricks I've learned. please do not steal or copy my characters you may however ask me for art, some free and yes mostly commissions! how much are they? well quite simple i do digital art so no mailing or shopping price only digital downloads, my prices range of sketches starting at $5 and max out at full shaded at $20.
why are my prices set this way? well to put simply im an artist looking to spread my artwork to all i can and make a name for myself so i hope you all will enjoy my art and if your interested in my more active stuff follow me on instagram ArtsyArticles for more follow my #staycrafty and have an awsome week.


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