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im alive!!
the sides of sanders THOMAS SANDERS fan art made by me.
Come to my instagram to see all I've made recently and check out my YouTube channel support my patreon.
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patreon same as youtube name
Astoriea - stuffee

+What is a stuffee? Well a stuffee is born by the goddess in the world of Astoriea, what is Astoriea, well let's start with the origin of this world.

+One day a small girl received a small purple squirrel doll and named her Lola she loved

Lola but as she grew up Lola started to tear, the girl then stitched yellow fabric and a

heart to her chest as she wished one evening to see Lola alive and would call her land

Astoriea where she could be safe from this world. In the girls sleep as a child she

followed Lola to a gate and fell through only to wake up years passed and Lola had

appeared in the girl’s dreams once more this time she told her closest friends and went

searching as the girl found Lola lead them to the gateway of Astoriea the girl and her

three friends went through the gate and found themselves in a colorful fabric like world

as they looked to each other they were transformed to stuffee’s. The girl had followed

Lola to find out what she needed her help with as now Lola guides them through the land

of Astoriea.

+Astoriea is a world in the shape of a book each page has its own story to tell with the

edges of the pages known as the barrier to a stuffee as the further they venture from the

middle of the pages the dangerous it is. Why is this well in each stuffee town is a

goddess statue that each stuffee prays to to stay alive as a stuffee lives through her

when the goddess hears them she remembers them and they survive though her

knowing of them if one is ever forgotten it is like a death as they become forgotten and

disappear forever tuning into a lifeless doll as a ritual they bury the forgotten ones. There

is another fate worse than being forgotten known as the half dreamt where a stuffee is

not forgotten but is no longer alive as a stuffee they are torn and made of scrap fabric

with button eyes and needles for teeth with an infectious bite and scratch that can turn a

stuffee into a half dreamt by ripping into a stuffee. For this reason stuffee’s who travel

alone risk their lives in more ways than one and if they survive the forgotten and half

dreamt fate the wild animals of Astoriea are unforgiving with a taste for stuffee’s they

hunt to eat them.    

Each stuffee is categorized by three groups

*Dirt dwellers - live underground in abandoned homes with doors hidden in the floor to lead to the underground homes they live off of the land and have the highest population and have a tax system to pray to the goddess.

*Tree dwellers - live in tree huts off the ground from wild animals and are more agile and a fair population with the statues are easily accessed but must be prayed to one daily to the goddess.

*Rock dwellers - A smaller population warriors that live in mountain caves with fights to win to get a chance to pray to the goddess.

+Astoriea land is a book with reveen in the spine of the world that holds the portal to the human world but locals can not leave or they disappear forever not like forgotten they completely disappear and leave no trace only those who knew them remember them. Thus to stuffee’s it's forbidden to leave to the edges or the ravine of the land. However humans can enter and leave as they wish but as stuffee’s they are known as motherless as they don't belong but are sometimes welcomed.

+A stuffee has a fair amount of life span based on the amount they pray to the goddess

and besides the dangers astoriea is a beautiful land with the stuffee’s standing between 5 to 10 inches tall.


comic coming out soon!!!
Quick Draws
several sketches blood warning I love how these turned out cant wait to make new animations for instagram

Anthropomorphic and human lands joined together after war that nearly killed both sides off

With many struggles in the early years of Louvel many lands were overrun by wild creatures. Humans searched for more resources, but came across a town with anthropomorphic animals cultivating land with magic they attacked and stole the crops for themselves however after news of this more anthropomorphic towns nearby had sent the highest powered magic fighters to fight and destroy the humans technology.

After about two years of stealing and destruction of the land they humans had no choice but to kill for more land and the anthropomorphics had the same idea to destroy humans for the sake of the land and the remaining resources the humans had left. After a long ten years of war and destruction a human and anthro mid fight had a plan and were set to kill their own leaders if they would not listen to reason rebellions started and those who had secretly shared both sides came together to join in unison. To little avel after they had faced their leaders the laws had changed to keep them apart and kill traitors and so the war stretched on with rebellions and those who wanted to live together in unison forming their own towns far from the war. For many more years the war had slowed to a grind when resources were at a minimum and one of the humans had killed his own brother in battle to save an anthro who had given up his food to save him this caused war with in the loyal troops anthros were forced to ration their food and kill anyone who gave to the enemy and thus the humans had made a decision with the leaders down to the last resources and men and women being killed they set up a meeting with the leaders of the anthro kingdom and made a deal to end the war and spread out and share the land and provide technology to help rebuild in exchange for the magic and crops the anthros had made so well they agreed and thus the laws changed after many fights between humans and anthros that hated the new laws the majority of the land was a peace and finally the dust began to settle and new life began with the 12 nations.

The land was not perfect but with the new laws to help keep everyone in line their began new species as anthros breed with humans mages and halflings were born. Mages were humans what gained magic from the blood lines of anthros and halflings were humans with half animal parts and anthros that had human features this new land had been shared with struggles still ongoing the land faces new troubles and hate still lives on as anthros and humans still have nations that live separated and laws that keep them apart. The lives of all human and anthros alike are threatened by hatred and still lives on will the fighting ever truly end in louvel this is where the story continues with you.


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I am an artist looking to improve daily I draw yet I have tired to share my art through various ways of facebook to friends and amino and now instagram however with the result of no feedback I wanted to expand to get as much feedback as possible on my art progression in the last year.
Enjoy the gallery of art drawn by me
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